Patient meeting with psychiatrist via telepsychiatry

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Rely on Telepsychiatry to Help Patients During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted people in various ways—physcially, mentally and emotionally—and they are in need of mental health services now more than ever. The implementation of telepsychiatry services is critical right now, as it allows trained professionals to serve a broader area from a remote location.

To help support the need for remote psychiatric services, PsychStaffing can help staff psychiatrists for your telepsychiatry service—and even help you set up the necessary technology to do so! Contact us immediately for assistance.

Qualified Psychiatrists Are Easy to Access with Telepsychiatry

Secure and user-friendly video conferencing technology has transformed the delivery of psychiatry services making it possible to provide the highest standard of psychiatric care. Research supports the efficacy of telepsychiatry, reporting no significant difference in outcome and patient satisfaction when compared to face-to-face treatment.

Our goal at PsychStaffing is to provide facilities with quality psychiatry services, and that includes both in-person and online communications. The same qualified, reliable doctors that we could send to your facility are the same great doctors we could integrate into your telepsychiatry program.

Who Can Benefit from Telepsychiatry?

  • Emergency departments
  • Crisis centers
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Residential treatment centers

Get Experienced, Board-Certified Psychiatrists When You Need Them

Our board certified psychiatrists come to you fully credentialed with the needed training and expertise to treat specific patient populations. A customized schedule is coordinated for each facility. Psychiatrists can be scheduled for any amount of time you need, from just a few hours each week to around the clock coverage.

PsychStaffing makes it even easier for you to get access to qualified psychiatrists when you need them. If your facility uses a telepsychiatry program, we can integrate our doctors within it so that patients can talk to them whenever it’s needed.