Want to really differentiate your practice from all the others and boost your billings?
Add psychiatry to your practice.

These days, psychiatry isn’t just an option in mental health treatment, it’s a necessity. If you feel there should be more than the “refer and hope” method of providing medication management for your patients, bring it in house, where you have better communication and more control.
PsychStaffing can provide you with a quality psychiatrist who works with your practice, in your facility, treating your patients. No more outsourcing.

Having a psychiatrist in your practice makes it much easier for you and your colleagues to coordinate care for your patients and be more closely involved with the pharmaceutical side of treatment.

Adding psychiatry is easier than you think, and it’s affordable.

You tell us the hours you want, and we fill those hours. Our doctors are typically available late afternoons, evenings, and weekends. If you’re not currently open these hours, we can show you how to seamlessly integrate them into your schedule with very little change needed. We can also help you learn how to maximize your billing revenue from these doctors, and help with billing issues like which codes to use. In addition, our doctors come with insurance, and we handle requisite administrative duties. Put simply, we offer the most convenient and economical source of psychiatry coverage in Ohio.

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Benefits of adding psychiatry to your practice

  • stable, reliable psychiatry where and when you need it
  • consistent scheduling and availability of psychiatry just for your patients
  • better patient outcomes and coordination of care
  • your practice keeps the profit from psychiatry billings
  • elevates your practice from your competition & adds convenience

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