Moonlighting: Making Money, Gaining Experience.

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As a Psychiatry resident, experience is crucial and making money to help pay for your education is a close second. Many residents aim to work part time along with their residency in their last 2 years, to help lessen the financial stress as well as gain that wisdom.

Obtaining a part time position, though, doesn’t always mean enough hours at one place. This is when moonlighting becomes beneficial to this population of students.

Moonlighting is spreading your talents over a few different places to ensure more opportunity, hours and flexibility in your part time role. If your residency program doesn’t need you, you will have the option to pick up shifts in your moonlighting facility.

Moonlighting allows a resident to gain experience while also gaining 10-15 hours a week of supplemental income. Sounds perfect right? Pretty close. There are a few rules to keep in mind if you want to be a successful resident and moonlighter:

  • Your residency is your number one priority and must always come first. This mean ensuring that you have the energy to put into your residency. Moonlighting should never affect your obligations to your residency program.
  • When going outside of your program for moonlighting opportunities, request permission from your program director. You should expect or ask for a contract covering hours, duties and malpractice coverage from your moonlighting facility.
  • Be sure your DEA number and certifications are up to date, and allow time for that all to process through with your new employer. Most Residency Directors will support your decision to moonlight if you are willing to create a responsible moonlighting schedule that does not interfere with your program.

With an average of $400,000 of debt on a resident’s hands, Moonlighting may be the perfect opportunity to start lessening that burden little by little while also gaining valuable experience.

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