College Campus Psychiatry Services

Colleges and Universities are on the front lines of the mental health crisis impacting our country. As rates of depression and anxiety continue to soar among college students, counseling facilities struggle to keep up.

When college campuses actively support their students’ mental health they

become proactive in preventing a range of potentially serious and lasting consequences.

Telepyschiatry gives students access to board certified psychiatrists through simple “skype like” technology offered at their campus counseling department.

Studies have drawn attention to the growing mental health needs of students and the positive impact mental health services have on college student success.

Why should college and university leaders invest in student mental health?

Students suffering from symptoms of mental health disorders are at risk of lower GPA, discontinuous enrollment, and possible dropping out.

Focusing on student mental health will benefit an institution’s academic mission and its economic well-being…

Students can receive treatment without leaving campus on issues such as:



Eating Disorders

Sleep disturbances

Binge Drinking

Drug Abuse

Campus Telepsychiatry is affordable and easy to implement. For more information call 855-779-2410