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Psychiatry Resident

If you are a psychiatrist or psychiatry resident interested in acquiring work in our coverage area, PsychStaffing can connect you with stable placements that offer reliable income.

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Hospitals, Practices & Organizations

hospital psychiatry coverage

If you're in need of psychiatry coverage for a hospital, private practice, nursng home, corrections, or just about any other setting, we can help.

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Other Services

behavioral healthcare

PsychStaffing can help you find full-time employees and provide consulting services in various areas of the business of behavioral healthcare.

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Testimonials From Our Customers and Psychiatrists

What other people are saying about PsychStaffing

My experience with PsychStaffing has been wonderful! They make it so easy for me to pick-up the shifts that accomodate my busy schedule. They immediately respond to my e-mails and my paychecks are directly deposited every two weeks. (have absolutely no complaints!


PsychStaffing has provided psychiatrists for our private mental health practice for over three years. We have been very impressed with the professionalism of the staff at PsychStaffing and their sincere interest in finding psychiatrists to meet our needs. The psychiatrists they recruit are always of the highest calibre.


The staff at PsychStaffing have been very gracious and pleasant to work with. They are organized, professional and accessible and always quick to respond to my needs – especially with my last minute schedule changes. I always receive timely payment of my wages and I appreciate the appropriate wage increases that are given.

I have been blessed to work with PsychStaffing – and I look forward to continuing to work for PsychStaffing in the future.


During the years that I worked as Medical Director at Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare, PsychStaffing helped greatly in filling important overnight and weekend Medical Doctor on Duty slots – always improving our patient care and helping us meet our Joint Commission Standards.


PsychStaffing has been able to provide our hospital with physicians on a regular basis. They are always responsive to our questions and concerns. They have been of great help to our permanent psychiatrists, staff and patients.

I would recommend PsychStaffing without hesitation.


I have been working with PsychStaffing since 2006 and I am proud to be associated with this service. They are professional and they get the job done! I would recommend PsychStaffing to any psychiatrist looking for work or any employer looking to hire.


Recent News and Articles

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Expert Says Early Identification of Psychosis Should Be Priority

A leading researcher discusses a unique endeavor in Philadelphia looking at genetic, neurodevelopmental, and behavioral observations to track thousands of individuals over time.  Early identification of psychosis should be a priority, made possible by a growing research base that is bringing together genetic, neurodevelopmental, and behavioral observations to provide a picture of the unfolding psychotic

Study Links Anxiety To Stroke Occurrence

Individuals for whom anxiety is a common state appear to be most at risk for stroke, independent of other stroke risk factors.  Prolonged elevated anxiety has been suggested by both scientists and clinicians to be a risk factor for stroke. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study

Telepsychiatry Proves Crucial Adjunct in Primary Care

A collaborative care model using telepsychiatry along with primary care improves response and remission in patients with depression in rural, underserved areas. The usual model for collaborative mental health care locates specialists at primary care clinics, but including a full-time psychiatrist or psychologist at small practices, especially those in rural areas, can be impractical. With